The Moonlight Sonata Concert last year was an absolutely unique occasion – with an atmosphere that we might never experience ever again. But – we’ll try! The concert opens this year’s festival om July 10. Eleven singers and one pianist have prepared new songs – and some that you want to hear again and again – about the moon, long-desired warm summer evenings and love! We are so privileged, being able to experience all this at Midtåsen – overlooking the town, the beautiful fiord and the universe….

The concert will be given by Beate Mordal, Mathilde S. Marjavara, Silvia Moi and Siri Kval Ødegård, soprano – Christina Jønsi and Lucia Cervoni, mezzo soprano – Ole Morten Velde, tenor – Filip Håkestad, Jørgen Backer, Magnus D. Kjeldal and Sakarias Tranvåg, baritone – Ivar Anton Waagaard, piano.

In the concert CHopin and Christian, Ihle Hadland takes you on a journey to Chopin’s world of Mazurkas opus 41, Impromptus and the loveliest Etudes opus 25 on July 12.

He will also surprise you with some Chopin that you’ve probably never heard before! Arnebergstuen is the perfect setting for this kind of concerts – just like the distinguished saloons where Chopin appeared in Paris. Christian Ihle Hadland is one of our great international piano soloists – and he loves to treat the “old, sophisticated lady” of a Steinway piano at Midtåsen.

Håkon Kornstad performs a wide range of music – from classical tenor arias and lieder to jazz on his tenor saxophone. Always performed at the highest international level. When Frode Haltli, accordion, and Mats Eilertsen, double bass, join him in Håkon Kornstad Trio, we’ll await musical impressions and surprises of the most impressive kind. It might be a Tenor i Saxa – as we say in Norwegian – on July 13.

What an idea – to place a Sculpture Pavilion and a Concert Hall in the middle of the forest! In accord with the nature and the universe – inviting to musical ensemble with the birds. The flautists Ingrid and Maria Ose invite you to Fløytelåt!Flutesounds! – a voyage of discovery of sounds in the nature – at the first two concerts in the series of Silence Concert on July 16 and 17. They hope to make music with Pan, Syrinx and the Faun – and they might end up with a wide range of flute sounds if the birds are tempted to join in!

After two years of celebrating Beethoven, it is nice to move on to his successor Franz Schubert. Seven singers, two pianist and a horn player will give us a nice selection of his musical treasure on July 17. Let’s meet around the piano in Arnebergstuen for a Schubertiade – like Schubert himself did with friends and musicians – and enjoy the nicest of Lieder and four-hands piano pieces. It’s bound to be a celebration “An die Musik!”

Beate Mordal, Mathilde S. Marjavara and Silvia Moi, soprano – Christina Jønsi, mezzo soprano – Ole Morten Velde, tenor – Magnus D. Kjeldal and Jørgen Backer, baritone – Emilie Ravn Jensen, horn and Ivar Anton Waagaard and Vebjørn Anvik, piano.

Opus13 gave an impressive debut concert in Oslo in January and is now chosen to participate in The Banff International String Quartet Competition in Canada. We do remember their fantastic concert during the Beethoven festival in 2020 and are delighted to announce that Sonoko Miriam Welde was nominated for Spellemannprisen 2022 – in the category Classical music. We are now looking forward to July 19 when they will perform Andrea Tarrodi: String Quartet no. 2, Thomas Adès fantastic Arcadiana and Johannes Brahms: String Quartet no. 1 in c-minor, opus 51.

Opus13s musicians are Sonoko Miriam Welde and Edvard Erdal, violin, Michael Grolid, viola and Daniel Thorell, cello.

July 21 Opus13 is joined by the pianist Sveinung Bjelland – exactly: the one who performed the complete Moonlight Sonata under the memorable full moon during last year’s festival. They play the most well-known and popular piano quintets of the repertoire: Antonin Dvoráks Piano Quintet no. 2 in A-major opus 81 and Dmitri Schostakovich’ opus 57 in g-minor.

The cathedral acoustics of the Midtåsen Sculpture Pavilion will – at last – be filled with Organ Sounds played on a baroque organ during the Silence Concert July 23 and 24. Organist in the Oslo Domkirke, Kåre Nordstoga, performs music with a wide range – both musically and geographically – from Merulo and Gabrieli in the 16th century Venice, via Bach and Böhm in Germany, Cesar Franck in France till Carl Nielsen in the 20th century Denmark.


On the terrace in front of the Villa Midtåsen daily Café Concerts take place at noon in the period from July 12 till 24 (except July 18). Four groups of singers and pianists perform light music while you may enjoy lunch from Unike Hotellers Café. You will also meet the four young musicians we’ve chosen as Talents of the year – Marie Agnethe Pihl, trumpet – Marie Lille Haugen, flute – Kristine Emilie Krüger, viola and Magnus Lille Haugen, marimba. You can listen to their talented playing three times during the festival.

The café part of the Café Concert costs kr. 100,-, and you may choose between cake/coffee, cake/mineral water, a beer or a glass of wine – or you may deduct the kr. 100,-  from the price of a nice luncheon course. The concert part of the Café Concert is free for all members of Kulturelt Initiativ – and for persons under the age of 18 – and costs kr. 100,- for non-members.



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