This summer you may meet Hänsel und Gretel. They live in the deep forest at Midtåsen. As most children they like to play and sing cheerful songs, but they also have to knit and make brooms to contribute to the earnings of the family. They have very little food, so one day they are sent out into the forest to pick berries for themselves and their parents. Suddenly they are lost, and can’t find their way back home. They get very tired and at the end they fall asleep under a huge tree. While asleep the Sandman and the angels guard them, but when they wake up they are in for a big surprise….. Suddenly they meet the most vicious of all witches – KNASKEMUTTER! She’s the one that bewitches all children and bake them as gingerbread in her enormous baking oven. Exciting to see who will be making the nicest cake in the end…..

Hänsel und Gretel is based on a fairy-tale by the Grimm Brothers to which Engelbert Humperdinck composed the nice music. Gro Bente Kjellevold is Hänsel, Silvia Moi is Gretel, Mathilde S. Marjavara the Mother, Jørgen Backer the Father, the Sandman and the Dew Fairy is played by Ingvild G. Loen and Désirée Baraula is the frightful witch. Markus Kvits accompanies everyone on the piano and the staging is made by Arild Helleland. Marit Thoresen has created the choreography for all the witches, the angels and the gingerbread children that are members of Spotlight dansestudio.

In the beginning we found it a bit weird to create a children performance about Ludwig van Beethoven – until we remembered Ludvig! Yes, that’s right – the one and only Ludvig from Flåklypa! What about if the two lovers of nature suddenly meet by the pond at Midtåsen? That could be quite enjoyable. And after a while the idea became more and more amusing, and developed into a fantastic birthday party! Beethoven would have been 250 years old this year and Kjell Aukrust 100 years – and Hold Norge Rent! (Keep Norway Tidy!), for whom Ludvig was the frontman, just celebrated their 50th anniversary! Well – there we are, that makes it:

Ludvig and Ludwig – lovers of nature!

The Aukrust foundation was overwhelmed by the idea, and Hold Norge Rent! think it’s fantastic that we focus on environmental matters through a children performance and two world famous characters like Ludvig and Ludwig. Magnus D. Kjeldal has the privilege of playing Ludvig, and for the pianist Marius Astrup Thoresen it’s ideal to act as Ludwig. In addition to these two personalities there are many young musicians and dancers – and a lot of animals toddling around in the wood. You should really look forward to seeing the dance of the Cockatoos and all the nephews and nieces of Solan when they show up! And – since it’s a great party – you are invited to sing along!

Midtåsen Children Festival is a festival in the festival, and after what we experience the only children festival in Norway that are based on classical music and themes. Two productions are alternating every summer. They are led by professional singers and musicians together with young talents from the region. Children for children – is one of our main focuses in the presentation of classical music for the younger generation. That’s why we let local children take part in the performances, and let them pass on music, dancing and theatre to children in the audience. We aim to make Midtåsen Children Festival a “Lighthouse festival” for children, the youth and families on a national level.

Performance dates:

Hänsel und Gretel:

July 7 – 9 – 11 – 15 – 16 – 18 at 17.00

Ludvig and Ludwig – lovers of nature!:

July 8 – 10 – 12 – 14 – 17 – 19 at 17.00



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