JULY 9 – 21

THE MAGIC FLUTE In the forest at Midtåsen July 9 – 11 – 16 – 18 and 19 at 17.00
It is quite frightening to see Prince Tamino coming running breathless through the forest at Midtåsen – followed by an evil fire-breathing dragon. Fortunately, he meets Papageno – a nice and lively fellow – whose job is to catch birds for The Queen of the Night. He helps Tamino to find a girlfriend – a Princess – but would really like to find a nice girl for himself as well… The Magic Flute that Tamino gets as a gift, helps him through all kinds of dangerous situations – and a glockenspiel makes Papageno able to get rid of the most vicious creatures.

Ten professional singers perform the musical fairytale together with The Three Boys, Pap-Pap-children, a flautist and a pianist……and the fire-breathing dragon!

SWEETHEART SODA! In the forest at Midtåsen July 10 – 12 – 14 – 17 and 21 at 17.00
The trickster Dulcamara arrives in a small village – far out in the forest at Midtåsen – and fools the young innocent farmer Nemorino with his magic elixir! Adina – who has a great interest in horses and reading – doesn’t really want to be Nemorino’s sweetheart. But, after a while she realizes what’s the best for herself – and for all the inhabitants living there. They are actually “Soda-spelled”!

Freely after Donizetti’s opera L’Elisir d’amore and his cheerful music!



Prince Tamino – Ole Morten Velde
Papageno – Sakarias Tranvåg
The Three Ladies – Mathilde S. Marjavara, Christina Jønsi and Eira Huse
Pamina – Mariann Fjeld Solberg
Monostatos – Filip Håkestad
Sarastro – Jørgen Backer
Queen of the Night – Tone Braaten
Papagena – Sofia Nesje Enger
The Three Boys – Jakob A. Hjort, Antonio de Sèves, Liam J. Trandem
Pap-Pap children and
forest animals – Dancers from Spotlight Dansestudio

Pianist – Bernhard Greter
Flautist – Evita Engdahl

Stage director – Arild Helleland
Choreography – Marit Kløvendal
Props – Knut Hamre


Nemorino – Simen Bredesen
Adina – Renate Ekerhovd
Gianetta – Sofia Nesje Enger
Belcore – Sakarias Tranvåg
Dulcamara – Filip Håkestad

Flautist – Evita Engdahl
Drummer – Magnus Lille Haugen
Dulcamara’s helpers – Emma H. Pizarro, Florencia C. Guzman,
Guro Grønhaug, Pernille Olafsen

Pianist – Olga Jørgensen

Stage director – Ida Gudim
Choreography – Marit Kløvendal
Costumes – Benny Virik
Props – Knut Hamre


Odd Gleditsch
Sandefjords Blad
Einar Abrahamsen
Hvallfangstens hus
Leo Invest AS
Sandefjord kommune
Sparebankstiftelsen DNB - Dextra
Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune
Anders Jahres Humanitære stiftelse
Den tyske ambassade

Scandic Park Sandefjord – Unike Hoteller

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